The Best Restaurant Marketing Tools to Get More Paying Customers

Some of the Best Restaurant Marketing Tools are right at your fingertips. In 2020, you don’t have to worry about going out to find customers. All you need is a top-notch online marketing plan, and patrons should come flocking.

Let’s go over some of the industry best-practices to get you started on becoming a restaurant marketing guru.

1. Take Photos of Your Dishes to Appeal to Foodies

Your camera is one of the best restaurant marketing tools. Customers won’t care if you took the photos with a DSLR or a phone, so long as it looks beautiful. Try to focus on the details of the picture, like lighting and framing.

Restaurant Dish

You can also concentrate on share-ability. Does your photo have something that appeals to the general public? Now would be a suitable time to make use of pets or children. Try to find something to elevate your food photos and make people interested.

2. Set Up Your Google My Business and Yelp Profile

With Google My Business and Yelp, you are giving customers direct access to your restaurant. Since the focus is on marketing, you want to ensure that patrons have all your information easily accessible via the internet.

When searching on Google with the name of your place, individuals can find your hours, phone number, email, and sometimes even a menu. Though Google also has reviews, Yelp is the go-to location for restaurant evaluations.

Once you create these profiles, you have a source of audience feedback. Now you can tailor your marketing to your following while branching out to get new patrons.

3. Set Up Your Instagram and Facebook Profiles

Now that you’ve taken all these photos, what are you going to do with them? Well, it’s time to start posting.

Your Google and Yelp profiles mostly only provide business information, whereas Instagram and Facebook split business and fun. But both of these social media platforms will let you set up company profiles and share your pictures.

• On Instagram, all you need is a company email. Create your profile and then switch it to a business account in the settings. Now you are ready to start posting food photos, and you might see some revenue return to you through ads.
• On Facebook, the procedure is similar to Instagram. Set up your account with your email, then turn it into a business profile. Facebook is a reliable place to build a community where you can share coupons, photos, and discounts to attract more customers.

4. Set Up Online Advertising and Set Geo Location Specific Ads

purchase funnel to get more paying customers

Making an online sales funnel or a website should be another item on your checklist as one of the best restaurant marketing tools. With an influential online presence in the form of a webpage, customers can go directly to you for details like the menu, hours, and updates.

A widespread tool business owners use to build online marketing funnels is Clickfunnels. It’s a software created by a successful internet marketer called Russell Brunson. We decided to start using it after doing our research and reading this Clickfunnels review.

Plus, with a sales funnel, you can make use of online advertising and setting Geo location-specific ads. These ads will target people in your area with messages tailored to them. With landing page software, you will learn how to engage your audience on your website and learn more about your business.

Along with a sales funnel builder, these are tools you need to establish a productive online presence.

5. Create an Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a top-notch way to keep your regular patrons informed of updates, coupons, and discounts. People check their emails frequently throughout the day, so the platform is one of the most inclusive ways to reach people.

Plus, if your newsletters are aesthetically pleasing, people might share them with friends. Though we live in a time of digital, word-of-mouth advertising will always be essential for your restaurant.


Those are our set of recommended tools you start using with your restaurant business! If we had to choose two non-negotiables, it would be a website/sales funnel, your Google My Business profile, and an email service provider.

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