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Our Main Menu’s

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Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings (Available Spicy)  15.50
Half dozen fresh whole natural chicken wings marinated in fish sauce and sugar, deep fried, tossed in caramelized Phu Quoc fish sauce and garlic and served with Vietnamese table salad. Our signature dish. Based on our long time friend and Portland employee Ich (Ike) Truong’s recipe from his home in Vietnam. 

Plaa Meuk Ping 7.50
Char grilled dried Thai cuttlefish, run through the squid press to tenderize. Not available during lunch

Yam Met Mamuang Himmaphan 5
Fried-to-order cashews with sea salt, fresh Thai chiles and chopped green onions. Not available during lunch

Yam Plaa Salit 7.50
Spicy salad of crispy chopped Gourami fish with lime juice, palm sugar, fish sauce, Chinese celery, sweet onions, garlic and chiles. 

Papaya Pok Pok (Available Vegetarian)  9
Central Thai-style spicy green papaya salad with tomatoes, long beans, Thai chile, lime juice, tamarind, fish sauce, garlic, palm sugar, dried shrimp and peanuts, made to order in the pok pok (mortar and pestle). Available Isaan style: Add whole salted rice paddy crab, naam plaa raak and dry chiles. (Buyer beware: This version is very hot, fishy, salty, sour, not sweet! Order at own risk.) +3 dollars

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